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The Word is Grieve

Feelings and thoughts at the time of COVID-19 sheltering

Lightning Photo by Frank Cone at
Photo by Frank Cone at

The word is grieve, not grief. It’s a verb.

It’s something you have to do, not optional. It’s normal, natural, needed.

Something strikes and steals. It’s part of life.

In my case, the day after the Governor’s shelter-in-place order, a very dear friend died of brain cancer. The next day, my sister-in-law’s lung cancer was diagnosed as stage 4, from stage 3. A week later, our golden retriever was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.

In my case, no family member went to the hospital or died with COVID-19 infection, but many of our human family have. Many have lost their incomes and don’t know how they will pay for necessities. I honor the grieving and don’t try to push it away.

I’m still glad though for the uplifting messages and images. They are helpful for many. They help us rest in the uncertainty, the mystery. They bring warmth, friendliness, love.


by Chris Becker, Ph.D.


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