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A Path with Psychedelics

A Journal of Journeys, describes a path of psychic healing and spiritual growth.

How did we get here, and where are we going? How do we heal our wounds, grow and mature as human beings? Good questions! We weren’t born with a road map, so we have to figure this out ourselves—if we are up to the challenge. It does help to have a friend who is a few steps ahead on the path to guide us when needed. Chris writes about his own astonishing journey of psychic healing and spiritual exploration with the aid of mind-changing medicines. Although this is the story of his personal path, it is a useful example of the universal human journey; it is entertaining, encouraging, and enlightening.

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Quotes from the book

"Each person’s path is unique; and yet each life path has elements in common with others, especially for seekers of healing and spiritual connection. Just as every river has its own distinctive twists and turns, every river also runs downhill, between its banks and to the sea. I believe there is value in examining one person’s path in some detail as a guide to the what and the how of the universal human journey. That’s why I am offering up my story."


“There are many trip tales out there. But the story of one transformational journey, however inspirational, never gives us the full picture of what’s really possible on the healing path. Chris Becker presents something different: an arch of journeys through years of his life. I can imagine few things more valuable than this birds-eye view of healing to those looking to set foot on the path themselves.

As you read Chris’ entries, you learn implicitly how intentions anchor journeys, what range of experiences are available, and how integration can unfold. It’s a rare treasure: you get to watch wisdom grow incrementally, in real time. This book can teach each of us how to pay attention to and honour our own journey.”

- Patrick Doersken, Director of Community at the Brooklyn Psychedelic Society

"This is the book I wish I had found when I started my own healing path. Among the outpour of new psychedelic tales, few illustrate in intimate detail the healing path of a single person, and the resulting unfolding process through time, memories, insights and encounters with the divine.

Rather than more scientific papers trying to measure the unmeasurable, or hyperbolic trip tales, I believe these are the kind of stories needed to steward the new generations arriving to relationship with these medicines. Stories like Chris' show us how to cultivate a respectful, sacred and tender relationship with these medicines, and through them, with life at large"

-Francisco Rivarola, Co-Founder of Sunflower Sutras

" Seen through the lens of psychedelic journeys, Chris Becker unveils a spiritual, philosophical, and creative landscape into the nature of who we are, at our core. From wounding—to healing—to transformation and beyond…"

- Janetti Marotta, Ph.D., Author of 50 Mindful Steps to Self-Esteem and A Fertile Path


About the Author

Chris Becker

Chris Becker is a scientist and inventor as well as author.
He holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from University of California at Berkeley and was a postdoctoral fellow at MIT in chemistry and physics. He is author on 130 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles and 20 U.S. patents. He has managed laboratories and research groups. Blending science and spirituality, Chris has practiced Buddhist meditation for many years. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

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Healing with Psychedelics released 2020

Topics : Psychedelics - Entheogens - Healing - Trauma - Childhood trauma - Spirituality - Meditation -Transformation - Buddhism

Book release Summer 2020

Healing with Psychedelics

Essays and Poems on Spirituality and Transformation.

Psychological injuries and trauma suffered during childhood are extremely common. They lead to all sorts of addictive behaviors, as well as anxiety, depression, and debilitating and life-threatening physical maladies. In Healing with Psychedelics Chris writes about how to recognize the often-hidden histories that caused us as children to create a false self, and changed how we operate in this world. He then takes us on his personal healing journey, revealing the details of his own experience and describing the process of psychedelic-assisted sacred-medicine therapy. It is his hope that his example will encourage others to seek and realize profound transformation for themselves. The essays are rich in first-hand accounts of Chris's spiritual experiences, meditation practices, and healing journey. The poems will sing to your heart and call to your unconscious.


" This is a book of intimacy—the shedding of stored trauma and unveiling of the transformative power of love. Chris weaves stories, essays, and poetry into a tapestry of compassion and courage, as he shares his own journey with the healing potential of psychedelics.  The teachings are powerful and subtle, direct and lyrical.  Chris opens his heart and surrenders to the mystery. "

- Janetti Marotta, Ph.D., Author of 50 Mindful Steps to Self-Esteem and A Fertile Path

"Chris Becker has given us a gift with his story of his personal journey of healing childhood pain and facing his alcohol addiction. Offering the reader an inside look at his experience of using mind-expanding medicine to face his deep-seated feelings of abandonment and loss that led to his addictions years later, highlights how this new treatment approach works. We have needed a new approach to addiction treatment. This is a welcome addition to the recovery literature."

- J. Patrick Gannon, Ph.D. Clinical and Performance Psychologist, San Francisco, California and author of Soul Survivors: A New Beginning for Adults Abused as Childre

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A path with psychedelics